CNC Machining

We specialize in manufacturing the highest quality mechanical components for all industries. Production takes place according to the documentation provided by the Customer. We guarantee full confidentiality of the entrusted data. We process details with high accuracy from all kinds of materials. Machining is carried out on CNC lathes and milling CNC machining centers with 4th and 5th axis. All our machines are brands of world leaders: Makino, Kitamura, Enshu, Mori Seiki, Star, Okuma, Brother, Doosan and others.

What else?


TEM cleaning

Material identification (chemical analysis and control)

Support for special technologies


Turning external diameters up to 700mm, length up to 2100mm

Milling up to 3250 x 1500 x 780

Thread grinding - module 0.3 to 5

Grinding of outside diameters from 5 to 70mm


TEM cleaning

Removal of material residues, so called burrs on the edges of the workpiece after various machining operations.



We are developing and modernizing our technology by multiplying machining socets and robotizing our plants.

What do we machine?

SIM Gdynia - Obrabiamy Stale


SIM Gdynia - Obrabiamy Żeliwa

Cast iron

SIM Gdynia - Obrabiamy stopy aluminium

Aluminium alloys

SIM Gdynia - Obrabiamy stopy miedzi

Copper alloys

SIM Gdynia - Obrabiamy Tworzywa sztuczne


SIM Gdynia obróbka wysoko przetworzonych materiałów w postaci odkuwek i odlewów.

Cast & forged

SIM Gdynia Różnorodność wykonywanych detali co do wielkości , skomplikowaności , materiału.

Small and big parts

up to 1000kg

SIM Gdynia Korzystanie z narzędzi technologicznych , przy tworzeniu programów na obrabiarki CNC
CNC Machining

Design and Manufacturing System

We use computer aided design and manufacturing system.

CNC Machining

Materials machined

We process metal alloys and plastics.

SIM Gdynia umiejętność obróbki skomplikowanych detali
CNC Machining

Parts machined

The complexity of the parts we manufacture depends on your designer's imagination.



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