The last stage of changes in the SIM’s area

Since the company was moved to Chwaszczyno, the number of buildings in the SIM’s area has increased significantly. For several years we have developed a lot, not only in terms of technology, but also we have multiplied the number of facilities in our grounds. It was difficult not to notice the continuous investments. To meet the growing needs, we built new production halls and a separate warehouse building together with a new social room on the first floor.

One of the first new-created facilities was an office building. Its metamorphosis will complete the last stage of work related to changes in the company’s area. At the same time it will symbolically close the period of transformations that can be said to have come full circle. We want this modernized and representative facility to be a friendly place not only for customers and guests visiting SIM, but also for employees. Till the end of this year they will return to the completely renovated outside and inside offices that we are sure all appreciate. How do we know this? After a few months of working in replacement containers, everyone will certainly say that „there’s no place like our office building“.