We invest in modern, economic and ecologic solutions

We focus on the sustainable development in all areas of operation essential for a modern company, which is SIM Gdynia. In line with this principle, we invest in machines, tools and devices, as well as a means of transport. This time we are proud to announce our latest purchase – the Actros L 1848 truck unit from Mercedes-Benz. Its purchase is fulfilling the policy of SIM Gdynia relating to the proper realization of requirements related to technology, concluded contracts and arrangements, ensuring that the expectations of our Customers are met. At the same time, we do not forget about other important aspects, such as: the guarantee of comfortable and safe working conditions for employees, the use of techniques that affect environmental protection and reducing costs by investing in economic solutions. Our new purchase not only meets all these criteria, but also, what we have to immodestly admit, looks really great with our corporate colors.