We know the secret of Stefan Kraft’s successes

What does Stefan Kraft have to do with SIM? Mr Ignacy Szczypek met a famous ski jumper during his stay in Ramsau. The athlete was training there before the winter season. Both of them had a short conversation about the details of training, which ended with a joint photo.

Stefan Kraft is listed among the favourites, who have a big chance to be in the top of the final classification of the World Cup 2018/2019, but also win medals of the coming soon World Championships. In our opinion the growing form of the jumper is not a coincidence. We joke that one conversation with Mr Szczypek was enough for Austrian to find a way to jump longer and longer.

There are rumours that the Polish team is looking for a new coach. We know the perfect candidate for this place, although he probably would not exchange Gdynia for anything.