Worm gears

We produce our own special and universal warm gears and warm gears with motors:

SIM Gdynia Motoreduktor MRS 30
Worm gear

MRS 30

SIM Gdynia Motoreduktor MRS 63
Worm gear

MRS 63

SIM Gdynia Motoreduktor MRS 77,5
Worm gear

MRS 77,5

SIM Gdynia Motoreduktor MRS 100
Worm gear

MRS 100

SIM Gdynia Motoreduktor M2RS 63
Worm gear

M2RS 63

Mechanisation of poultry farms

For many years, SIM Gdynia company has been manufacturing elements for mechanisation of poultry farms - elevators and drives with numerous purposes, among others:

manual and electric elevators for fodder lines, watering lines and curtains

elevators to control air inlets

ridge drives

tilt-flop drives

These devices are manufactured on the basis of modified motoreducers of our production. On special request, the gears are equipped with a metering system - limit switches and potentiometers integrated in the gearbox cover.


Motors 1

Motors 2



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