Cleaning mechanical components – What is ultrasonic cleaning in the CNC industry?


What is ultrasonic cleaning?

Ultrasonic cleaning is a process that uses acoustic waves in the ultrasonic range (20-40 kHz) to remove contaminants from the surfaces of metals and other industrial materials. The technique is particularly valued in the CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining industry, where the accuracy and cleanliness of components have a direct impact on the quality and dimensional tolerances of manufactured parts.

How does the ultrasonic cleaning process work?

The cleaning process begins by immersing the cleaned components in a tank of cleaning solution. The generated ultrasonic waves induce the phenomenon of cavitation, i.e. the formation and imploding of microscopic bubbles in the solution. The imploding bubbles generate high-energy shock waves that effectively remove accumulated contaminants such as oils, pastes, waxes, deposits and other unwanted elements, reaching even microscopic crevices and folds.

What cleaning solutions are used in ultrasonic cleaning?

The solutions used in this technology typically consist of demineralized water, detergents, chelating agents (e.g. EDTA) and corrosion inhibitors to prevent rust and corrosion on metal surfaces during cleaning. The chemical composition of the solutions is precisely selected depending on the type and nature of the materials being cleaned.

Advantages of ultrasonic cleaning and its effects

Ultrasonic cleaning offers precise removal of contaminants from components with complex geometries. This method is safe for the cleaned materials, minimizing the risk of mechanical and chemical damage, which is important when processing expensive or delicate components. In addition, ultrasonic cleaning contributes to the reduction of chemical waste and water consumption, supporting sustainable manufacturing practices through the recyclability and reusability of cleaning solutions.

Case Study from SIM Gdynia: How ultrasonic washing of mechanical components impacted our production

At SIM Gdynia, the use of ultrasonic cleaning technology for CNC components has allowed us to achieve significant improvements in cleanliness standards and production efficiency. Thanks to this method, we have significantly reduced the number of production rejects and increased overall customer satisfaction.


Ultrasonic cleaning is a method that improves operational and environmental efficiency. At SIM Gdynia, this technology has significantly contributed to improving the quality of production processes and protecting the environment by minimizing chemical waste.