EMAG VL2 vertical lathe – technical characteristics, operation and case study SIM Gdynia


What is EMAG VL2?

EMAG VL2 is a 3-axis CNC vertical lathe that integrates state-of-the-art automation solutions thanks to its compact design. Designed to meet high standards for the production of precision mechanical components such as gears, bushings and pump parts, the EMAG VL2 lathe is the answer to the mechanical industry’s growing demands for precision and efficiency. Thanks to the latest technology and robust design, the machine can machine components with a maximum diameter of up to 100 mm and a length of up to 150 mm. The machine tool is equipped with three spatial axes and a turret for twelve tooling locations with tool drive capability, which makes it possible to perform many types of machining operations without having to manually reposition the workpiece. An additional Y-axis option increases the functionality of the machine tool, allowing more complex machining tasks to be performed with high precision.

Functionality of the EMAG VL2 lathe

The automatic component loading and unloading system, operating on the pick-up principle, significantly reduces machining cycle time, which is crucial in the context of mass production. The machine features MINERALIT® polymer concrete construction, which provides high stability and excellent damping properties. These features are fundamental to ensuring the highest quality of machined surfaces and precision of workmanship, the use of this technology translates into high repeatability of manufactured parts.

Benefits of using EMAG VL2 in the production of mechanical components – SIM Gdynia case study

The implementation of the EMAG VL2 CNC machine tool at SIM Gdynia has brought significant benefits to production processes, including increased machining precision and reduced production cycle times. Thanks to its efficient automation and modular design, the machine is capable of producing large series with a machining cycle of only about one minute. This makes it possible to produce a significant number of workpieces in three work shifts. The automation and modularity of the lathe also significantly reduce the time required to convert and prepare it for operation.


The above-described technologies and MINERALIT® polymer concrete material, make the EMAG VL2 an indispensable tool for production facilities with high precision and speed requirements, such as SIM Gdynia. The machine makes significant improvements in optimizing production processes, making them faster, cheaper and more precise.