Enforce Tac 2024 – defense and security industry conference


What is Enforce Tac and how did it go in 2024?

Enforce Tac 2024 was a landmark event in the calendar of international trade fairs focused on the latest technologies and solutions in the defense and security industry. Taking place in the heart of Europe for a full three days, the fair brought together prominent experts, innovators, and representatives of the military and public security sector from different corners of the globe. In an atmosphere focused on the exchange of knowledge and experience, Enforce Tac 2024 showcased cutting-edge technological developments, opening the door to the future of security on a global scale for attendees. In addition to exhibiting the latest weapons systems, specialized vehicles, surveillance and reconnaissance technologies, the fair hosted deep discussions on the direction of the sector, the challenges facing the world today, and how new technologies can be adapted to provide greater security on a national and international level.

Profile of participants and atmosphere of Enforce Tac 2024

Gathering more than 12,000 professionals and experts from 86 countries, Enforce Tac 2024 became a place for international cooperation and exchange of ideas. The fair attracted a broad spectrum of participants, including representatives from government security agencies, armed forces, defense manufacturing companies, technology startups, as well as independent security experts and analysts. The unique, discreet atmosphere of the event, combined with the highest level of professionalism and exclusivity, created an ideal environment for open, yet deeply substantive discussions. Both exhibitors and visitors had a unique opportunity to make valuable business contacts, exchange experiences and discuss potential directions for development and cooperation. Enforce Tac’s distinctive atmosphere – focused on innovation, technology and the future of defense – confirmed its status not only as a venue for showcasing achievements, but above all as a platform for fostering international development and cooperation in the security sector.

Innovations and dominant trends at Enforce Tac 2024

Weapons and ammunition

At Enforce Tac 2024, one of the most heavily trafficked sectors was the presentation of advanced weapons solutions, including modern small arms systems, artillery and specialized ammunition. Innovations on display included, among others, modular systems that allow weapons to be quickly adapted to a variety of operational tasks, as well as munitions with intelligent warheads capable of accurately hitting targets while minimizing casualties.

Vehicle innovations

The unmanned vehicle (UxV) sector, including both land-based (UGV), airborne (UAV) and sea-based (USV) platforms, showcased the latest developments in autonomy, survivability and interoperability. The focus was on vehicles capable of operating in complex urban environments and difficult terrain, offering support for reconnaissance and logistics operations, as well as direct combat support. Demonstrations also included autonomous systems capable of autonomously carrying out reconnaissance missions and executing attacks on designated targets without direct operator supervision.

Vision technologies and optoelectronics

Recent developments in thermal imaging, night vision and optoelectronic technologies highlighted their growing role in modernizing targeting, reconnaissance and surveillance systems. Developments in these technologies make it possible to operate in all lighting and atmospheric conditions. Innovations in this field included miniaturization of systems, increased resolution and sensitivity of detectors, and integration with artificial intelligence systems for automatic target identification and classification, among others.

Scope of special events

Enforce Tac 2024 was distinguished by a wealth of special events that provided attendees with unique experiences and insights into the practical application of the technologies on display. Workshops and seminars focused on the latest strategies in defense, crisis management and cyber security, while panel

discussions with renowned experts focused on the future of military technology, challenges in implementing autonomous systems, and ethical aspects of using new technologies in armed conflict.

Enforce Tac Village and BLACKBOX were key areas where participants had the opportunity to experience first-hand the latest weapon systems, unmanned vehicles and optical technologies. Enforce Tac Village offered dynamic demonstrations in realistic operational scenarios, while BLACKBOX allowed equipment to be tested in conditions similar to real missions, including low-light or thermal imaging technology, allowing for a full assessment of their functionality and performance.

SIM Gdynia’s participation in Enforce Tac 2024

As a manufacturer of drone components, silencers and enclosures for electronic systems, keeping an eye on the latest trends and technologies is essential to maintaining our competitiveness in the market. The event allowed us to delve deeper into the future requirements of the defense and security sector, which is invaluable for further development and innovation in our products.