SIM Gdynia visit to Interlift 2022 trade fair in Augsburg


New Horizons

Our trip to Germany in April 2022 opened new horizons for us. Not only was it an opportunity to meet with our customers, but it was also a great chance to attend the leading trade fair for the crane industry – Interlift 2022 in Augsburg. As the industry’s leading event, Interlift brings together manufacturers and suppliers of elevators, components and accessories, giving us a unique opportunity to learn about the activities of other companies and open up new opportunities.

New Look

The visit to Interlift 2022 was particularly significant in the context of our recent investments in SIM Gdynia. A few months ago, as we reported in the “Events” section of our website, our machine park was enriched with a new carousel lathe. This significant upgrade has allowed us to expand our capabilities for machining large parts. We enthusiastically shared this information with potential new customers at the fair, highlighting our production capabilities and expansion plans.

Interlift 2022

The Interlift 2022 trade fair became a platform for us to exchange experiences, gain knowledge about the latest trends and technologies in the crane industry, and establish new business relationships. For us at SIM Gdynia, active participation in such events is not only an opportunity to present our achievements, but also a valuable chance to further develop and expand our scope of operations.