SPECTROMAXx Spectrometer: What is it and how is it revolutionizing the study of the chemical composition of metals?


What is the SPECTROMAXx spectrometer?

The SPECTROMAXx spectrometer is a highly advanced analytical instrument that plays a key role in the precise analysis of the chemical composition of metals. As an ARC/SPARK OES (Optical Emission Spectrometry) device, the SPECTROMAXx spectrometer uses the optical emission spark spectrometry technique. This is a process in which a spark generated between a sample and an electrode causes the emission of light at different wavelengths, which are then analyzed by the spectrometer system. This analysis makes it possible to identify and quantify the elements present in the sample.

The importance of the SPECTROMAXx spectrometer in industry is enormous. It is invaluable in quality control of materials, identification of unknown metal, and research and development of new alloys. Its applications are wide-ranging and include a variety of industrial sectors, from ferrous and non-ferrous metal foundries to metal processing plants and advanced research laboratories. The device provides fast, accurate and reliable results, which is key to maintaining high standards of product quality and safety. 

Introduction to SPECTROMAXx

An innovation in materials analysis, the SPECTROMAXx spectrometer is an essential tool for advanced industrial laboratories. The tenth generation of this instrument has introduced a number of significant improvements that raise the standards for accuracy and precision in analysis. New factory calibrations, expanded element selection ranges and optimized source excitation parameters significantly improve detection limits (LODs). These enhancements make SPECTROMAXx more versatile and effective for testing a wide range of materials.

The modernity and innovation of SPECTROMAXx manifests itself not only in its analytical capabilities, but also in its convenience of use and reliability. Improvements made in the tenth generation of the spectrometer reflect the growing demands of the metallurgical industry and the need for faster, more efficient testing tools. The SPECTROMAXx not only meets these challenges, but also sets new standards in the analysis of the chemical composition of metals, making it a key tool for engineers, technicians and scientists in metallurgy and materials science.

Technical specifications and features

The result of advanced research and development, the SPECTROMAXx spectrometer offers an impressive set of technical specifications and features that reinforce its position as one of the leading instruments in the metal chemical composition analysis industry.

New tenth-generation features

The tenth-generation SPECTROMAXx is distinguished by completely new factory calibrations that are aligned with the latest industry standards and requirements. Expanded calibration ranges allow for even more accurate analysis of a wider range of elements, which is particularly important in industries where high precision is required, such as aerospace and medicine. Optimized source excitation parameters, which are key in spark spectrometry, contribute to improved limits of detection (LODs), enabling the identification and quantification of even the smallest trace amounts of elements. These improvements make SPECTROMAXx more precise and reliable than ever before.

Optics and sensors

The basic version of the SPECTROMAXx uses innovative single air optics that, combined with CCD sensors, provide high resolution and precise spectral analysis. This sensor technology is proven and valued for its exceptional resistance to fluctuations in ambient temperature, which is key to maintaining stable measurement conditions and reliable results. The spectrometer covers the wavelength range from 233 nm to 670 nm, enabling analysis of a wide range of elements. The new version of the SPECTROMAXx Advanced, on the other hand, adds new UV optics, equipped with four high-resolution CMOS detectors that enable even more accurate spectral analysis, especially in the short wavelength range, which is important for identifying certain elements and their isotopes.

iCAL 2.0 ARC/SPARK OES Analyzer

The new SPECTROMAXx with iCAL 2.0 ARC/SPARK OES Analyzer represents the technological pinnacle in the field of optical emission spark spectrometry. Its hallmarks are first and foremost proven accuracy and exceptional speed, which are crucial in industrial environments where time and precision are at a premium. The instrument’s rapid standardization minimizes the time required to prepare for analysis, which significantly impacts overall laboratory productivity. In addition, minimal gas consumption and low maintenance costs make the SPECTROMAXx both an economical and environmentally friendly choice for many companies. This combination of features makes SPECTROMAXx with iCAL 2.0 not only a high-tech tool, but also a practical and cost-effective solution for the metal industry.

Applications in the metal industry and foundries

The SPECTROMAXx spectrometer finds its application in a number of critical areas of the metal and foundry industry, playing a fundamental role in ensuring quality and meeting industry standards. In metal production, where precise chemical composition analysis is essential for maintaining material properties, the SPECTROMAXxx is a key tool. The instrument is used to determine all elements used in the metal industry, including detailed trace analysis of elements such as carbon, phosphorus, sulfur and nitrogen, which are key to the mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of metals.

In ferrous and non-ferrous metal foundries, where high precision is required to identify alloy composition, the SPECTROMAXx enables fast and accurate analysis, ensuring that each batch of castings meets established specifications. With its ability to quickly scan a wide range of components, the spectrometer is invaluable in the quality control process, enabling instant detection and correction of any inconsistencies in chemical composition. Its application also extends to metal processing plants, where composition analysis is crucial to ensure compliance with technical requirements and safety of final products.

Performance and efficiency

The new generation of the SPECTROMAXx spectrometer excels in performance and efficiency, earning it industry recognition. Spark parameter optimization, introduced in the latest version of the instrument, allows for a 12 percent reduction in measurement time, which is crucial in the fast pace of modern laboratories. This feature is particularly important in situations where response times directly affect production processes, allowing for faster analysis and reduced downtime.

Reduced consumption of consumables translates into lower operating costs and reduced environmental impact, an important aspect in today’s world where there is an increasing focus on sustainability. The SPECTROMAXx spectrometer also features high repeatability, reproducibility and reliability of results. The ability to produce consistent and reliable results every time is invaluable in industries where every ingredient is critical to the safety and performance of the final product.

User feedback and industry evaluation

As SIM Gdynia, a company specializing in machining, CNC technology and the production of high-quality mechanical components for all industries, we have experienced significant improvements in our manufacturing processes through the use of this spectrometer.

SPECTROMAXx has become a key tool in our quality control, allowing us to precisely analyze the chemical composition of the metals we use. Thanks to its advanced capabilities, we can now ensure with greater confidence that every component we produce meets the strict quality standards required in industries such as automotive and aerospace. The device enables our engineers to accurately determine material properties.

Using SPECTROMAXx contributes significantly to the efficiency of our processes, minimizing the risk of errors and saving time, allowing us to respond faster to market demands and deliver products of the highest quality. Its reliability and accuracy not only ensure quality, but also enhance our reputation as a supplier of premium components to industry.


In summary, the SPECTROMAXx spectrometer represents the latest generation of material analysis technology, offering unparalleled accuracy, speed and efficiency. Its advanced technical features and wide application in the metal industry make it an invaluable tool in any modern laboratory. For companies like SIM Gdynia, where precision and quality are key, SPECTROMAXx is an indispensable support for the production of high-quality components. In light of positive feedback from users and experts, SPECTROMAXx has established itself as a leader in the field of metal chemical composition analysis, contributing to development and innovation in various industries.