Time for change


Decisions in Production

At SIM Gdynia, we fully understand that progress and innovation are key to maintaining our competitiveness in the market. For this reason, we have decided to make significant changes to our production facility.

New Machines, New Possibilities

As part of these changes, two older machine tools have been removed from our production floor. These machines have played an important role in our production process over the years, but in the face of a rapidly changing market and the increasing demands of our customers, we decided it was time to replace them with more modern units. The new machines will not only enrich our machine park, but also increase the efficiency, precision and quality of the components we produce.

Welcome to the New Machine Park!

We encourage all interested parties, including our customers and partners, to familiarize themselves with the list and technical data of the new machine tools. This information is regularly updated in the “Machine Park” tab. The available list contains detailed information about the capabilities and specifications of the new machines.