Vending machines in the CNCmachining industry – the MATRIX system fromIscar


ISCAR – MATRIX manufacturer business profile

As an established manufacturer in the field of cutting tools, Iscar focuses on developing and
providing solutions for specialized metalworking applications. Their portfolio includes a wide
range of tools, from cutters and drills to advanced turning tools.
In this article, we will focus on one of the more interesting aspects of Iscar’s business – their
vending machines. Although the concept of vending machines may sound a bit
unconventional in an industrial context, these systems are revolutionizing the way tools are
managed in a manufacturing environment, offering unique solutions for tool availability,
control and efficiency of tool use.

MATRIX tool management system

The MATRIX system, developed by ISCAR, is an asset management platform that
revolutionizes the organization and access to tools in a manufacturing environment. It is
much more than a traditional warehouse; MATRIX is an integrated system that uses
automation to track, manage and deliver tools in real time. Its implementation, like SIM
Gdynia’s, helps streamline manufacturing processes by providing immediate access to
needed resources. A key feature of MATRIX is its ability to automatically record consumption
and adjust supply, minimizing the risk of downtime due to tool shortages. With this system,
companies can significantly reduce costs associated with overstocking and better plan
purchases, leading to increased overall operational efficiency.

MATRIX system capacity

The MATRIX system from ISCAR features impressive flexibility in storing tools of different
sizes and shapes, thanks to drawers of varying heights, ranging from 50 mm to 125 mm.
This versatility is key when it comes to handling a wide range of parts, including inserts,
gauges and larger accessories. In addition, the Jumbo drawer option, one of many available
configurations, allows for the safe storage of heavier tools, with a maximum load of up to 90

kg per drawer. This specification is a testament to the robust design of the system, which is
able to adapt to a variety of storage needs, from lightweight components to heavier tools.


The MATRIX system from ISCAR incorporates a number of technological solutions that
significantly raise the standards for tool management in an industrial environment. The user
interface is intuitive and available in two versions: TOUCH and POD. The TOUCH version,
equipped with a standalone PC, a 17-inch touchscreen and an advanced UPS protection
system, provides reliability and ease of use. The POD version, designed as an additional
extension, allows integration with existing systems.
MATRIX is also equipped with an Auto-Lock mechanism that secures containers when the
drawer is closed, providing additional security and control of assets.
Solutions such as RFID and fingerprint readers are also available, enhancing security and
allowing precise tracking of tool usage.
The cabinet frame includes adjustable legs and a removable front panel for easy forklift
access, making it easy to install and maintain the system. The cabinet dimensions,
construction materials and color options are designed with durability and aesthetics in mind,
and all manufacturing is done in accordance with ISO9001-2008 standards, guaranteeing
certified quality.

Summary – What benefits the MATRIX system from Iscar has brought to SIM Gdynia

The implementation of the MATRIX system from ISCAR at SIM Gdynia has significantly
contributed to the improvement of resource management. The automation of tool supply,
offered by MATRIX, has reduced production downtime by continuously supplying the
necessary tools. Directly translating into greater operational efficiency and reduced
inventory costs by precisely matching supplies to current needs.
The system’s security features, such as the Auto-Lock mechanism and integration with RFID
technology and fingerprint readers, have strengthened control over inventory and minimized
the risk of unauthorized access or loss. This has enabled our organization to better manage
resources and increased overall control over production processes.
The positive impact of MATRIX on SIM Gdynia also manifested itself in better workflow and
greater employee satisfaction. Easy access to tools and streamlined work procedures
increased the efficiency of the team. As a result, not only did we see financial benefits, but
also the morale of our staff improved significantly, which is important for maintaining high
productivity and quality of work.