We are investing in modern, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions


New Mercedes-Benz Tractor

We are deeply committed to sustainable development, which encompasses all aspects of our business. In line with this philosophy, we have made investments that go beyond advanced machine tools and tools to include our means of transportation. It is with great pride that we present our latest acquisition, the Actros L 1848 tractor-trailer from Mercedes-Benz, which represents an important step in meeting our environmental and economic commitments.

High Standards with Actros L 1848

The purchase of the Actros L 1848 demonstrates our commitment to maintaining high technological standards, in line with our customers’ expectations and our agreements and understandings. This investment not only underscores our commitment to occupational comfort and safety, but also our commitment to environmentally friendly technologies. From an economic perspective, the Actros L 1848 is a significant step toward reducing operating costs, offering the fuel efficiency and reliability crucial to our transportation fleet.

Elegance in company colors

Our new vehicle not only meets high functional and environmental standards, but also serves as an excellent showcase for our company with its impressive appearance in corporate colors.