CNC machining on 3, 4 and 5 axes -differences, advantages and descriptionof operation.

Introduction 3-axis CNC machining was the industry standard for a long time, but advances in technologyhave led to the introduction of 4- and 5-axis machines that offer much broader capabilities. Inthis article, we will look at the differences in machining parts between 3-axis and 4-axis and5-axis milling. What is 3-axis CNC machining, and what are […]

What is CAD/CAM integration andhow does it translate to CNC machining?

Introduction to CAD/CAM Technology In a world where dynamic change and innovation are a daily occurrence in themachining industry, CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and CAM (Computer-AidedManufacturing) technologies are becoming indispensable pillars of the sector. In theage of digitization and automation, CAD and CAM are not only facilitating processes,but also revolutionizing the way products are designed and […]

Vending machines in the CNCmachining industry – the MATRIX system fromIscar

ISCAR – MATRIX manufacturer business profile As an established manufacturer in the field of cutting tools, Iscar focuses on developing andproviding solutions for specialized metalworking applications. Their portfolio includes a widerange of tools, from cutters and drills to advanced turning tools.In this article, we will focus on one of the more interesting aspects of Iscar’s […]

Enforce Tac 2024 – defense and security industry conference

What is Enforce Tac and how did it go in 2024? Enforce Tac 2024 was a landmark event in the calendar of international trade fairs focused on the latest technologies and solutions in the defense and security industry. Taking place in the heart of Europe for a full three days, the fair brought together prominent […]

We are investing in modern, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions

New Mercedes-Benz Tractor We are deeply committed to sustainable development, which encompasses all aspects of our business. In line with this philosophy, we have made investments that go beyond advanced machine tools and tools to include our means of transportation. It is with great pride that we present our latest acquisition, the Actros L 1848 […]

What is TEM deburring and what benefits does it bring to Polish industry?

Definition and importance of TEM deburring TEM (Thermal Energy Method) deburring is an advanced method of removing burrs and deburring from metal parts, which plays a key role in precision machining. The process involves placing the workpiece in a hermetically sealed chamber into which a mixture of combustible gases (e.g., methane, hydrogen) and oxygen is […]

SIM Gdynia visit to Interlift 2022 trade fair in Augsburg

New Horizons Our trip to Germany in April 2022 opened new horizons for us. Not only was it an opportunity to meet with our customers, but it was also a great chance to attend the leading trade fair for the crane industry – Interlift 2022 in Augsburg. As the industry’s leading event, Interlift brings together […]

SUBCONTRACTING 2023 trade fair in Poznan, Poland

Back to the SUBCONTRACTING Fair After a two-year hiatus due to global events, we were delighted to return to Poznan for the SUBCONTRACTING Industrial Cooperation Fair. This event, held on June 2, 2023, was a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase our latest manufacturing and technological capabilities. Bigger Stand, More Possibilities This year, our presence […]

Time for change

Decisions in Production At SIM Gdynia, we fully understand that progress and innovation are key to maintaining our competitiveness in the market. For this reason, we have decided to make significant changes to our production facility. New Machines, New Possibilities As part of these changes, two older machine tools have been removed from our production […]